Question: How do I remove the battery from my Blackberry Storm 9530

April 8th, 2011

Rear Cover of the Blackberry Storm Cell Phone – Cover Releases Circled in Red . Before anything else, turn off the blackberry so it is powered down completely. The cover for the battery of the Blackberry Storm is on the back, and is opened by pushing in on two small releases on either side of the rear cover. Press them down and lift up on the cover.

Rear Cover Being Removed from the Blackberry Storm Cell Phone
Open the cover carefully by pulling up and out. Set the cover aside in a safe spot.

Blackberry Storm Cell Phone Battery Being Removed
The battery is gray and rectangular, with a green stripe at the bottom. Remove it by putting your thumb and forefinger on either edge and pulling up and out.

Inserting the Battery into the Blackberry Storm Cell Phone
To replace the battery place it back in the same spot on the phone. Make sure the top is facing out, which should say “Blackberry” and “D-X1″ in the corner. The Positive and Negative signs should be aligned with the contacts in the battery compartment. Press down on the battery firmly to lock it in place.

Closing the Rear Cover of the Blackberry Storm Cell Phone


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